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Missouri Forget Me Not  

Horse Rescue & Sanctuary

About Us

We are a group of men and women that have banded together to make a difference in the lives of horses that have been abused, neglected, abandoned or surrendered.  Our goal is to help these horses heal mentally and physically, and to find them pre-approved homes.  We became a 50lc(3) nonprofit corporation in 2011, however years before that my husband and I became aware of horses that were in need, no longer wanted, starved, and no one to step forward to help them.    This seemed like excellent chance for me to help these horses and gave me a chance to make a difference!
In 2010 I was called by the Camden County Sheriff’s Office to help some horses that were starved and could no longer stand.  Myself and three friends took my trailer and went out to see how we could help.  We found two horses (young) that were lying down and too weak to stand.  Also there was one of the mares’ baby and a yearling, also in desperate shape.   We managed to get them all back to the Sanctuary, however the two mares that were down were never able to stand up, and had to be euthanized.   We were heartbroken, however the baby and yearling, with proper care and diet, have turned into beautiful, healthy horses!   This rescue was very expensive due to several vet visits, etc. and knowing that I could no longer bear the costs personally as I had always done, conversation started and my friends offered to help me become a registered 50lc(3) nonprofit so that I could receive donations to fund future cases that came to us.  In 2011, after four months, Donna Ogle and myself received our nonprofit determination letter and we were set to go!  Since 2011 we have taken in 189 horses, 123 adoptions with other horses being sponsored or placed in foster homes.  We currently have horses available for adoption and sponsorship…..however the selection changes weekly.  We require an approved Application for Adoption and a Contract making sure that the horses stay in a safe, secure and loved situation.

We are very proud of the fact that we have no administrative costs, no paid employees and are a totally volunteer organization.   Every penny donated goes directly to the horses medical care, feed, grain, etc.  Donna and I use our personal property, equipment and assets to properly care for the horses that come to us in need.  We do not discriminate with the horses that we accept – we do not care about age, health, rideability, breed – all we want to do is help them live a good life, or sometimes pass away, with dignity.  We do have several permanent residents here – horses whose health condition or age does not allow us to comfortably place them in other homes.

Our main source of support is private donations and various fundraisers that are held throughout the year.    Sometimes it is very hard, but we stay focused on our mission – to help horses in need.   We have donated our lives to making a difference in the lives of these beautiful creatures with the knowledge that they give us more than we give them!

                        Board of Directors:    Connie Hendrix, President

                                                           Donna Ogle, Vice President

                                                           Roxie Nieroda, Treasurer

                                                           Carole Killebrew, Secretary

                                                           Virginia Rice

Please come visit us and thank you for viewing our website and for your support so that we can continue what we love.  We cannot do this without you!    If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me at:

Connie Hendrix, President

Missouri Forget-Me-Not

Horse Rescue and Sanctuary

1025 Heritage Rd

Linn Creek, MO  65052

(573) 216-3838