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This is Fannie Mae: Fannie Mae is a pony that came to us this year severely foundered with hooves almost grown up to her knees. She has been trimmed several times and is now standing on her own with hooves that look normal. She is for adoption only to a home that would restrict her diet and would monitor her sugar and carb intake. She cannot be ridden,  just loved on and cared for! Her adoption fee is $250.00 or she available for sponsorship.

Bandit is a beautiful 16 yr. old Arabian cross gelding. He came in skinny, with bad feet and lots of trust issues. Bandit went to foster care and recovered beautifully! When his foster mom moved out of state, Bandit came back to the sanctuary. We don't know a lot about him except that he is a sweet boy who would love his very own forever home! The adoption fee is $400 to an approved home.

Shadow is a 2 yr. old purebred American Saddle Horse filly. She has been well socialized and is the first to meet you at the gate. Shadow is ready to start serious ground work and learn to carry a saddle. (too young to ride yet) She is a gorgeous horse and will make someone a wonderful trail partner.   The adoption fee is $400 to an approved home.

Bonnie is a 10 year old full blooded Haflinger mare palomino with flaxen mane and tail.  She is a sweetheart and loves attention. As a multi-talented horse, the breed is commonly used today in dressage, endurance riding, general riding, jumping, mounted athletics, racing, and work activities. Bonnie is very calm, but has not yet been trained to ride. The adoption fee is $1,000 to an approved home.

Romeo is a 7 year old sorrel Missouri Fox Trotter gelding, 15 hands tall, friendly and gentle.  Is not trained, but is a beautiful horse with lots of potential. He is currently at the trainer. The adoption fee is $950 to an approved home.

Morning Star is a beautiful 11 year old cremello quarter horse mare with striking blue eyes. (Cremello is a very light cream colored horse with light eyes and pink skin). She is a boss mare and she stands 14 hands tall.  She is a companion horse only.  The adoption fee is $900 to an approved home.

Sassy is a 20 year old Quarter Horse Cross mare palomino.  She is a very gentle, rideable horse and would make someone an excellent trail riding horse. She is an owner release.  Her adoption fee is $500 to an approved home.

Rocky is a 12 year old miniature horse.  He was recently gelded.    Rocky is not broke.  He is the size of a large dog, and he would make someone a wonderful pet.  If you’ve been looking for a special miniature, then adopt this horse, and make him your own. The adoption fee is $350 to an approved home.

Brandy is an 11 yr. old papered MFT mare. She has been to our trainer for a refresher. He reports that she has no problems and is a smooooth ride. She is a beautiful chestnut that glows in the sun. Wouldn't you look great on her! If you haven't filled out an adoption application on our website, you better do it now! The adoption fee is $1,100.

Flame came to us with a badly infected tooth.  The wonderful Dr. Kramer worked her magic, and she has recovered nicely.  She is ready for adoption. She is a beauty with her bright shiny coat, and so friendly that it was hard to get far enough away from her to take her picture.  She is broke and would make a very nice horse for some lucky person.   The adoption fee is $900 to an approved home.

Lyric is a 6 year old blue eyed POA filly.  She came to us in February with a body score of 2.  Lyric is not broke, but she does well leading and standing for the farrier. She is only 13 – 13.2 so she will need a small rider. Might make a very NICE 4-H project or kid horse once she is broke.  Come by and give her some loving.  The adoption fee is $800 to an approved home.

Bonita is an 18 year old quarter horse cross and is said to be broke. (We haven't ridden her yet.) This pretty lady came in with a body score of 4, but just look at her now! Looks like she will be an easy keeper. Line back dun with just the right amount of chrome. Come see her sometime, you just might fall in love!   The adoption fee is $600 to an approved home.

Adoption Process

So often people think horses will fulfill our romantic notion of a magical connection between horse and human. But like all relationships, the connection between horse and human takes time and effort and patience and leadership and kindness and trustworthiness and a sense of humor and working through frustrations and mutual respect and unconditional love. Its not immediate gratification. Many people are blessed to have that bond with a horse. But horses sometimes have a different idea on how the relationship will go... in the beginning especially. Many horses have given their trust and respect to humans who just threw them away when they lost interest and time and time again, humans have proven to be untrustworthy.  So it may take time to prove that you are different.  Sometimes they are grumpy... unwilling... difficult.. and more than once you may wonder what the heck you were thinking. But if you don't give up and earn their trust and respect, you will eventually be rewarded with a true partner and soul mate. Not a perfect partner... not a perfect soul mate but that imperfect, wonderful magic that everyone wants. So accept the challenge of a horse relationship with realistic expectations. Be willing to work for it. Don't blame the horse... just seek to understand and love them. It'll be worth it.

Step 1 - Meeting your horse

After visiting our sanctuary or viewing them on Facebook or the web, and deciding which horse/mule is the one for you, an Application for Adoption must be completed.   We ask several questions to help us make sure that you and your prospective ‘new’ horse are a good fit.    

If your application is approved… Adoption Contract is required.  This extensive, binding contract is a safeguard for both the Adopter, the horse and the Sanctuary.    A copy of our Adoption Application and Adoption Contract is available on this web page.  Before you call the rescue on a particular horse, please complete and submit an Adoption Application listing the horse(s) you are interested in.  This helps us make sure we are fielding calls from people who are truly interested in adopting.

Step 2 - Complete the Application     

FMNHR takes the application process very seriously.  We are committed to finding the right human for each horse.  We want your adoption to be a positive experience and the questions we ask are geared toward understanding your horse experience and helping you select the perfect equine partner.  This careful, thoughtful process will help ensure a rewarding relationship for both you and your horse.  Submitting an application does not guarantee or hold any horse.  All horses are considered available until the Adoption Fee is paid.

Step 3 - Adoption Contract  

Once you have met your potential new horse and your application has been approved, we will work closely with you to make sure you have all the resources in place for a smooth transition for your new horse.  We'll do everything we can to ensure you have the support you need to enjoy your new horse and begin building the relationship that all horse lovers dream of.  The adoption contract has been developed to protect the horse.  Your horse will never again be subjected to abuse, neglect or hunger.  Horse abuse and neglect is at epidemic levels across the nation.  It's overwhelming to see such need and know that we can't save them all.  But your willingness to bring your new horse into your family will allow us to rescue other horses in need and we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and willingness to make a difference in the life of this horse. Click Here to View Adoption Contract


We will be adding more horses as they become available.  These horses are looking for that special forever home.  Please help us help these horses and check back soon!

Please keep in mind that these horses are not free.  While we don't try to "make money" on any of our horses, we do need to recoup some of the cost associated with caring for them.  We have vet bills, worming, trimming, vaccinations, supplements, hay, grain... the list goes on and on.  While it would be great to be able to give these horses away, we would have to close our doors to other horses in need because we would lose hundreds of dollars on each horse.  

Thank you for your understanding and support.

For more information on our current available horses, please contact us at 573-216-3838 or email us at [email protected].