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In Loving Memory...Hoofprints On Our Hearts...

Some horses come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while.  But they all leave hoofprints on our hearts, and we are never the same...

Horses That We Have Lost, But Still In Our Heart's:

Danny Boy - deceased May 13, 2017.  

Several years ago a beautiful stud colt was born on a breeding farm deep in Missouri Fox Trotter country.  Unfortunately, this boy was born with "windswept" syndrome, a condition that caused his back legs to hit together when he walked.  At that time the problem could have been fixed, but the breeder chose not to do it.  Instead he gave Danny away, telling the new owners he would "grow out of it."  He didn't.  After several unsuccessful surgeries, Danny succumbed to his congenital physical impairments.  God had only shared in Danny's enthusiasm for life for a little while.  He was released to go play at the Rainbow Bridge with straight long legs.  He was laid to rest at the MFMN property at the sanctuary. He will live on in our hearts.  We were blessed to have him for as long as we did.  He taught us so much about unconditional love, patience and perseverance.  

Patsy - On November 30, 2017 our dear gentle giant Patsy passed peacefully during the night out in her pasture among her friends. She had reached her 30th birthday. She was very loved and will be greatly missed. RIP sweet girl!

Lil' Tink's Mother & Three year Old Filly

09/2011  These two mares were brought to our sanctuary in September 2011 with Lil Tink and Royal.  They were lifted, using a backhoe and straps, and set on a flatbed trailer for transport to our facility.  Both were immediately provided with medical treatment, but unfortunately neither made it through their second 24 hours with us.  Both were given comfort and companionship during their short stay with us and we can only hope they will one day be reunited with each other.  This incident was the “CALL TO ACTION” by the few volunteers that participated in this rescue and is what spurred the initiative to help the rescue become a 501(c3) non-profit organization and raise public awareness of the cruelty that horses face when neglected, abused and abandoned.
ROBERTA SWIFT - deceased January 2013
Roberta came to us in February of 2009 in very thin condition resulting, in part, from a severe urinary tract infection.   Her owner kept her most recent baby and no longer wanted her and did not want to pay medical expenses.    

 Roberta was a registered Thoroughbred mare born May 10, l989 and I am sure passed through many homes before she landed with us in April of 2009.  We provided the medical care that she needed, she gained weight and became another member of our "senior citizen" club.    She had in her youth been ridden but for the past many, years she was a broodmare to probably many, many babies. It was time for retirement.

TED:    Ted came to me many, many years ago from a rescue out east.    When he came to me I was just an individual that wanted a companion horse for my riding horse.   He was a quarter horse with navicular problems and the owner out east just wanted him to go somewhere he would not be ridden and could live out his life.    He was such a sweetheart….always steady and sensible and just an all around great horse.  He lived with me for over 15 years and was a joy every single day.  Ted passed away when he was in his late twenties, and he is/was missed every day.   He was the ‘caretaker’ for one of our blind horses and made sure she got around safely….he was a very special horse.   Rest in peace, Ted…we love you!

Phoenix came to us in such an emaciated state that it was touch and go for several days as to whether he would pull through.   He was a victim of severe neglect but through it all he was such a sweet horse, so easy to work with and so grateful for our efforts to help him.    As he became stronger he gained weight and became such a ‘personality’ around here and had such a funny sense of humor and made us laugh daily.   He touched all of our hearts and became a quick favorite of all of the volunteers.   He was thriving and feeling good and very happy and we were thrilled.  Unfortunately we found him one morning laying down – he had passed during the evening with no warning…….it broke our hearts!   He will always be special to us and we are so grateful that we had him in our lives for even a short time!    We miss him every day!   Rest in peace, sweet Phoenix!

ZANE:    Zane came to us with another older blind mare.    They had been together for years and arrived here when the owners could no longer care for them.   He loved all the attention that he received and was a big, kind, sweet gelding.  He passed away at one of our foster homes – leaving ‘’Cassie” to find another caretaker.   Thank you Zane for being part of our lives and showing us what a wonderful horse you were.   Miss you!    Rest in Peace Zane!

This is Popcorn – an absolutely beautiful palomino quarter horse mare that came to us in 2013.  She came in very thin and with a severe kidney infection that resulted in massive scald burns over her entire back end.    We took her to our local vet immediately and then to the University of Missouri for evaluation.   It was never determined what caused the damage to her insides but we were never able to help her -  all medications and treatments failed.   We were advised that although she looked fairly good and acted fine,  she was so infected inside and was not responding to treatment, to end her pain she should be humanely euthanized.  It was a very hard decision, but we eventually came to the conclusion that she had no quality of life..   She was euthanized in July of 2013.     Although we had exhausted all treatments and medications, it was just not enough to help her.   It was a sad day for all of us here……she is buried here at the Sanctuary!  Rest in peace, sweet Popcorn.
Foxy passed away in 2014 at the mature age of 35.   She was a registered Missouri Fox Trotter and came back to us when her owners moved out of state and could no longer care for her.   She was a character….LOVED to move out and was the smoothest ride that we ever saw.    She was kind, sweet and we were so grateful to have her here with us when she died with dignity and with her horsey friends that loved her.   Rest in peace, sweet Foxy.
This is a photo of Lockett shortly after she came to us in 2013.   She came to the Sanctuary with several others and she quickly stood out as a sweet mare that loved to the brushed and handled.   She was relatively young when she passed from massive, successive seizures that occurred out of the blue.   She was humanely euthanized and buried here at the Sanctuary – we will never know what caused this event, but she died knowing that she was loved and treasured for who she was.   Rest in peace, sweet Lockett!
This photo is of Jazzabelle:    Jazz  passed away on November 6, 2014 at the young age of 26 years.   She was an American Saddlebred that loved to hold her head up high and prance around the farm.   She had been with us for several years and will be missed every day.   Thank you, Jazz, for being a part of our lives and giving us the honor of taking care of you!   Rest in Peace, sweet Jazzabelle.