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Our residents at Missouri Forget-Me-Not need constant care. Many are aged or have health problems because of the abuse and neglect they suffered before being rescued. Your sponsorship of one of our equine residents will go a long way in helping us in our continuing efforts to provide a happy life for the animal you choose.

"If you want to sponsor a horse scroll thru the horses listed below & choose one that you want to sponsor then click on it's sponsor button to take you to our (Sponsorship Page)."

Cowboy Red & Phillie are brother and sister who came in together. Cowboy Red is 34 years old and he is blind in one eye. Phillie is 30 years old. Both came in very thin. We are still working to put some weight on them. They have been together since birth with one owner. But the owner was no longer able to care for them and asked us to take them. They will be here until they live out their natural lives. Please consider sponsoring one or both of them.

Shay is a sweet 5 year old sorrel MFT mare. She has been plagued with abscesses in her front hoof. She underwent surgery at MU Equine Clinic to remove the abscess and part of her hoof. She has a great prognosis for a full recovery, but it will take several months of medications. She needs a sponsor to help with the surgery bill and medications, until she is able to be adopted.

If you have been out to the sanctuary in the last several months, you have met Cotton. He was a sad mess when he came in. He was skinny and his feet were so bad he couldn't stand for the farrier and we had to use the Belgian's stocks to help him hold up his feet. He has made several trips to Dr. Joyce in Fair Grove for help to heal his feet. His diet was also completely altered to include special grain and additional supplements.  He walks quite well now, around the yard, down the road, visiting neighbors etc.  He needs a sponsor to assist with the continual care of his feet and his special diet.  
Shilo is 34 yrs. old and had lived his whole life with one person. His previous owner requested our assistance when she could no longer care for Shilo. Big white and grey horse with arthritis who will live out his life with us. Still happy and has a good appetite!

Patches is a recent arrival due to Morgan County Sheriff's Office being contacted by a concerned citizen. Patches is 20 yrs. old and very thin and sway backed. Bonded to Candy who came in at the same time. Very sweet horse!

Marin is a 22 yr. old thoroughbred mare who came in due to a concerned citizen report. She had with a body score of 1 (worst possible)  and bad feet. She has a sway back and is arthritic. She was said to be a race horse at one time and then used as a brood mare until no longer usable. She has found a soft landing here at the Sanctuary. She needs a sponsor to help with supplements, medical and special grain expenses.  She is a gentle, kind soul that is loving all the attention she gets here.   Keep watching for updated photos about her progress.

Sugar came to us severely foundered. We have been keeping her off grass, and treating all four feet. She is a 12 year old MFT mare. She needs a sponsor to help pay for the special grain, supplements and treatments that she is getting. Could you help her out?

Annie is a thoroughbred cross mare who came to us with a body score of 2. She is only 12 years old. She is in good health, and has put on weight since this picture was taken when she first came in. She is not broke, and she needs a sponsor to help with training costs, so she can be adopted to a loving home.

Paisley was purchased to be a dressage horse, but was unable to do jumps and other dressage movements due to problems with his front legs. He is not sound enough to be ridden. He is an 8 year old warm blood, and very friendly. He will be a permanent resident at the Sanctuary for many years, so he really needs a sponsor. He could also be considered as a companion horse to an approved home.

Derby is a 20 year old dark bay thoroughbred mare with bad abscesses on front hooves. She recently went to MU Equine Hospital for surgery to remove a stone from inside her hoof. She is starting to heal, but she needs a sponsor to help pay for her surgery bill and medications.

Bonita is a pretty lady came in with a body score of 4. She is an 18 year old quarter horse cross mare. The vet has found that she has back problems that prevent her from being ridden. She could use a sponsor, or she could be a companion horse to an approved home.

Pepper is an aged appaloosa gelding. He has very little eyesight but is easy to handle and loves to be loved on. He could be available for adoption to a VERY special approved home or he is also available for sponsorship.