Since 2011, Missouri Forget-Me-Not Horse Rescue and Sanctuary has taken in 428 horses and found adoptive homes for 232 horses. MFMN started with 21 horses and has grown to over 130 horses in seven years, including over 50 horses in foster care in the surrounding community.  We take in horses that are adoptable, as well as, horses that are too old, or physically compromised to be ridden.  Many of these horses become permanent resident horses.  We do not discriminate based on age, breed or gender.  We are a "no-kill" shelter and we follow the Equine Rescue and Sanctuary guidelines of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

About MFMN


Our mission is to provide aid and sanctuary to abused, neglected, abandoned or surrendered horses that come to us in need.  Work with law enforcement and other agencies in their efforts to rectify situations in which horses are in peril.  Provide horses in our Sanctuary with needed medical care, proper nutrition and a health plan to restore them physically and mentally for a new life.  Continue educational and fundraising efforts to both help us support our rescue efforts and to promote awareness of issues involving neglect and abuse in our area.

Our vision is a world in which all horse owners take responsibility for their animals;  responsibility for their care;  

responsibility for their safety;  and responsibility for their passing.

Our vision is to do more than care for horses that are suffering... our vision is to break the cycle of abuse and neglect. 


Our purpose is to provide a safe and secure environment where horses can heal emotionally and physically.  Where they can transition to the next phase of their life – as a permanent resident here

or in a pre-approved forever home. To provide a forever home to elderly or handicapped horses where they can live and die with dignity. To educate the community about proper care and treatment of horses and work with them to prevent neglect and abuse.


Introductory Video

We hope you enjoy this video about what we do and the horses that we have saved at Missouri Forget-Me-Not Horse Rescue and Sanctuary.  We are a Sanctuary for horses that have been "thrown away", because of age or disability.  We believe all of God's creatures have their own intrinsic value, apart from any financial, instrumental or practical value attributed by humans.

The Faces of MFMN

We believe that we can do more than just care for those horses who are suffering.  Our goal is to provide a network of like-minded horse lovers, to help educate and prevent the suffering.

Without each and everyone of these wonderful volunteers, donors, fosters, adopters, board members and other supporters, we could not carry out our mission of saving horses' lives. 

                   THANK YOU!

MFMN Credentials

Since 2011, we have been a trusted, accredited 501(c)(3) equine charity. Honesty, fiscal responsibility, and transparency are important to us and we understand that these characteristics are the foundation of your support, so we encourage you to verify our credentials by clicking on the organizations below.

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Missouri Forget-Me-Not Horse Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible. 

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Linn Creek, MO  65052

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