Record Number of Horse Adoptions at MFMN Adoption Jamboree

Local Horse Rescue is competing to win ASPCA Help a Horse Day $20,000 Contest

Linn Creek, MO—The Missouri Forget-Me-Not Horse Rescue and Sanctuary announced today that there were twelve horse adoptions at the Adoption Jamboree held at Rolling Hills Ranch in Decaturville, MO.  Since the event, ten more horses were adopted, and a few more adoptions are still pending approval. The Jamboree, which was held April 27- 29th to coincide with the ASPCA National Help A Horse Day, was co-hosted by the Camdenton Saddle Club and the Easy Rider 4H Club.  Donna Ogle, Vice President of Missouri Forget-Me-Not Horse Rescue and Sanctuary (MFMN) chaired the event. The purpose of the ASPCA contest is to increase the number of horse adoptions and educate the public about the benefits of adopting a horse from a legitimate horse rescue.  Horses available for adoption at MFMN are surrendered or abandoned by their owners or seized by law enforcement, due to inhumane treatment.


Chad Johnson from Valley Vision Ranch in Van Buren, Missouri trained many of the fifteen horses that were available for viewing at the event.  Chad conducted a Clinic at the Event, and used some of the adoptable horses to demonstrate his training techniques. After the Clinic he was available to answer questions about specific horses for potential adopters attending the Jamboree.


The highlight of the event was the Show-Me Your Adopted Horse, in which people who had adopted horses told the story of their adopted horse(s) and exhibited them in the arena.  Thirty-one horses were showcased and their stories will warm your heart.


One was the story of a young girl who joined the 4H Easy Rider Club in January 2017, and needed a horse to participate in events. Layla Strickland leased Rising Star as a lesson horse.  She and Star bonded almost immediately, but Star was not available for adoption, at that time.  After 6 months, Donna Ogle, who is also an Easy Rider 4H leader, took Layla and Star on a weeklong trip to Piney, with a few of the other 4H girls.  On the last day of the trip, she let Layla know that she could adopt Star.  Donna told Layla,” You two are perfect together and I could never find a better home for her”!  Layla said that she and all of the other girls were crying tears of joy. She and Star have been soulmates ever since that day.


Another story is from Brian Dobachesky who adopted Buford in May 2016.  Brian said that Buford’s fate could have been entirely different if it was not for MFMN taking him in.  He had issues with anxiety that led many previous owners to get rid of him. Brian met Buford while volunteering at the Sanctuary.  He seemed to have a calming influence on Buford, and so he adopted him.  Buford has improved so much, that his son Mason was able to show him in several 4H events.  Buford seems his best in the arena and he loves the speed events.  Buford and Brian won trophies in all of the speed events on Saturday at the Jamboree.  This is the perfect example of how MFMN helps to find the “right fit” that keeps a horse like Buford out of bad situations.

One of the adopted horses introduced at the event is a great great grandson of Secretariat. When MFMN took him in from a family that could no longer care for him, they found a tattoo number on his lip. Further research revealed his racing career in Louisiana and subsequent retirement.  Haylee Bohn adopted Cyclone’s Prayer last January.  Since then she has been training him and he is now a part of the Easy Rider’s Drill Team, the Springfield Pony Club, and the JJeventing Pro Eventing Team.  Cyclone and Haylee will be performing with the Easy Rider’s Drill Team at the Kentucky Horse Park in July during Bryerfest.  They will also be riding in various eventing shows and Pony Club events around the Midwest.  This is what can happen when a Horse Rescue, like MFMN takes in a “throw-away” horse, and gives them a second chance with a loving adoptive family.


The Horse Show on Saturday offered 70 classes for participants.  Winners received trophies, rosettes, and ribbons.  The following riders won trophies at the horse show – Conformation at Halter – Overall Champion – Micah Ogle with One Smooth Kat, Showmanship – Alexis Rosack with Smokey, Ride-A-Buck – Macy Staponski on Joey, English Pleasure – Lyla Strickland on Rising Star, Western Pleasure – Macy Staponski on Joey, Ranch Pleasure – Alexis Rosack on Smokey, Gaited Pleasure – Kendra Tuck on Queenie, Egg & Spoon – Brian Dobachesky on Buford, Flag Race – Brian Dobachesky on Buford, Pole Bending – Brian Dobachesky on Buford, Barrel Racing – Brian Dobachesky on Buford. The winners of the Trail Obstacle Challenge held on Sunday was - 1st Place –Angel Russo on Snowy, 2nd Place – Micah Ogle on Trooper, 3rd Place – Sylina Santon on Pearl.


Over 28 volunteers from MFMN and the Easy Rider 4H Club worked tirelessly to make this event a great success!  MFMN also wants to thank their many sponsors who supported this event including – Gold Sponsor: Lake Ozark Animal Hospital, and Silver Sponsors: Lake Family Dentistry, Tyler Sapp Farrier Service, and Chad Johnson, trainer from Valley Vision Ranch.



Missouri Forget-Me-Not Horse Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible. 

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