didn't really know much about handling horses. So, a friend suggested that I volunteer at the Sanctuary and get some experience working with the horses.  I started out shoveling manure, and then I graduated to feeding the horses.  I loved every minute of it.  It was so rewarding knowing that I was helping these beautiful horses.”

Roxie is now a Board member and Treasurer of MFMN.  “When Connie learned that I was a CPA and had business experience, she asked me if I could help out with the business side of the organization.  MFMN is a charitable corporation, and it is required to maintain financial information including filing the IRS 990.  I volunteered to help with that, then I started working on this newsletter.  Connie and Donna had started working on the accreditation submission for GFAS, so I helped finalize that.  Then I started working on other grants, like the EQUUS and ASPCA grants.  Some of my friends from Porto Cima wanted to help MFMN by putting on a benefit golf tournament at Porto Cima, so I helped solicit sponsors and organize the event.  Since then I have helped with other fundraisers and I re-designed the website, in order to make it more user friendly.”

What have you enjoyed most about your experience with MFMN? “Finding my forever horse – Buddy, was my most exciting experience.  He is a wonderful 18 year old Paint gelding.  He loves for me to brush him, and he knows that I always have a carrot for him, before I put him back in his pasture, where I board him.  I have so much fun riding him on trails.  I had never ridden much before I adopted him, and he has taught me a lot.

One of my most enjoyable experiences with him, is when I rode him in the MFMN Adoption Jamboree with the other adopted horses.  He won two blue ribbons, three red ribbons and two third place ribbons in the Horse Show.  I even competed in the pole bending contest with him.  He must have done this before, because he seemed to know what to do with hardly any direction from me.”

“I just want everyone to know how important this organization is to this community.  Without MFMN, there would be no place for these horses, and many would probably be destroyed.  I love knowing that I am helping to save horses!”