Sanctuary).  Most of the MFMN horses on her property are either miniatures, or horses that are trained and ready for adoption.  Donna is a matchmaker for people interested in adopting a horse.  She assesses the riding ability and goals of the potential adopter, with the age, experience and training of the horses that are available for adoption.  She is as interested in the well-being of the horse, as the people who are adopting them.  In some cases, if a horse is well broke and the rider is just learning to ride, Donna can provide riding instructions for the rider on their adopted horse, which benefits both the horse and rider.

In addition to her responsibilities at MFMN, Donna is also a 4H leader for the Camdenton Easy Rider 4H Club.  Many of the club members are young ladies who have adopted horses from MFMN, and Donna teaches them how to care for their horse in addition to teaching them how to ride competitively in local horse shows.  When asked why she volunteers so much of her time to horses and MFMN, she said, “I found my calling working with Connie to rescue and save horses from suffering and abuse.  It gave me purpose in life knowing that I was making a difference by saving these horses.  You work with these unwanted horses to gain their trust, and they are so willing to trust again.  It is not their fault that they have been put in this situation by humans.  We save these horses, and they save us.”  Donna and Mike currently have over 20 horses from MFMN on their property, that they care for.   They also have their own horses, and some of the 4H horses are boarded at their place.

Donna also served as Chairperson for the MFMN Adoption Jamboree that was held last April.  She worked tirelessly with the Camdenton Saddle Club, Rolling Hills Ranch, Easy Rider 4H Club and MFMN volunteers to put on this very successful 3 day event, and helped MFMN adopt out 20 horses that weekend.  She is already planning for next year’s event. Donna said, “It was so successful that I know we want to do it again next year and make it an even better.”