find such a great place to be around horses all the time was such a blessing for me”. 


Mindi usually volunteers 4 days a week, and often comes in the evening. “I volunteer because I love the horses, and I love the mission of MFMN to save horses from neglect, abandonment and abuse.  Connie started such an amazing place.  It is hard when we get a horse in that was neglected or abused, but it is so rewarding to see the horse go from bad to amazing.  Being a part of that process is life changing”.

When I asked Mindi what she enjoys most about volunteering, she stated, “I love getting all the food and supplements and medicine for each horse.  I also love spreading the manure in the fields.  I use the Polaris to drag tires attached to chains, through the fields to spread the piles of manure so it helps fertilize the pastures.  I am kind of possessive of this job!!  It is my favorite thing to do.

When I asked Mindi  about what she liked most about volunteering at the Sanctuary, she stated, "I have had so many wonderful times there. The volunteers are just so awesome.  We joke, laugh, work, and love all the horses.  There are so many great memories.  Jesse running around like Pepe Le Pue, Jesse following Durango around, Champ, Durango, Jesse, Danny, and Jack escaping and having to go round them up with the Polaris, Connie carrying her chicken in and out of her house, Joe demanding his carrots, Jesse trying to get into any vehicle or trailer with an open door, the raccoons visiting at night, TT being depressed every time he has to go back into the field from the barn, Cotton greeting me every time I arrive, peacocks everywhere, finding chicken eggs in the strangest places, the kitties, and going out to lunch with other volunteers to name just a few”.

Mindi told me about a memorable event that happened while she was at the Sanctuary.  “We brought in a very sick horse named Titan.  It took 14 of us to unload him and get him into a stall because he was so weak he couldn't walk.  It was about 11 pm at night and a bunch of amazing volunteers showed up to get him into a stall. I spent the night with him, laying some hay bales behind him and laying on the bales and petting him all night long.  The next day he got up and was drinking a bit, and I thought he was going to be all right, but later in the day, Titan collapsed and died.  It was so sad, but I feel so blessed because his last 24 hours were filled with love, food, water, a warm barn, and caring people.  It was such a blessing to know that he didn't die alone in a field, but surrounded with love”.

I asked Mindi what her advice would be to anyone thinking about volunteering at the Sanctuary.  “I would tell others who want to volunteer that it is fun and rewarding, along with hard work and sometimes sadness.  It is hard to not be mad when an abused horse comes in, but I try to focus on the good we are doing and how we are going to improve this horse's life by leaps and bounds.  The horses honestly love you.  They are compassionate and loving.  It is so rewarding to spend time every day with Connie and the animals.  I feel that we are making such a difference in the world by filling a great need.  Plus, all the volunteers are so kind.  We have a great time every day”.