two horses for the sanctuary at her house, just down the road from Connie’s.  “I volunteer because I love the horses and the Sanctuary helps so many that no one else would help. I have seen so many come in that were skin and bones or so sick that they had given up hope.  After the care and attention and love they receive at the sanctuary they become healthy and proud. The change in them is a miracle!”

Barbara said she has loved and ridden horses since she was a youngster.  “I used to show horses and I would spend every free moment I had with them. Volunteering at the Sanctuary gives me just as much pleasure. As a volunteer I help feed and water the horses. I also help clean stalls and any other chores that need to be done. One of the most rewarding things about volunteering is having the horses greet you with a whinny or nicker!”

“I also love petting and grooming these gentle souls. The only downside is that sometimes the weather can be difficult, like when there is freezing rain!  Even with that, the horses are so grateful and the friendships you make with the other volunteers makes it all worthwhile.” Barbara said, “One of my most memorable moments was when we had an Open House and it was so fun to see the children smiling and happy being around the horses. It reminded me of my youth.  Hopefully these children will grow up to be future advocates for horses. I would highly recommend to anyone to volunteer at the Sanctuary. You will learn so much and, you will be helping one of Gods most beautiful animals.”