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MFMN Foster Program

Do you love horses? Have a bit of pasture and shelter? We are always in need of good foster homes. It is a great way to enjoy these marvelous animals without having all the expense of owning one. Non-routine veterinary costs are reimbursed by MFMN. Also, expenses you incur to take care of the horse(s), including feed, farrier care and veterinary fees, may be tax deductible*.

We have several 'pasture ornaments' that would love to hang out with you. So complete and submit the online Foster Application below and we will contact you.

*Check with your tax advisor


Equine Foster Care Application

If applicable, will current horse(s) be pastured with foster(s)
Have you previously fostered a horse from us or another organization
Green Pasture
Dry Lot
Will you be living on-site
Do you rent or own

Personal References (NOT Family)

Horse To Be Fostered


I hereby give Missouri Forget-Me-Not Horse Rescue and Sanctuary permission to contact any or all or the above references, vet, or farrier.



Your content has been submitted

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