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Benny is Back!

I know I haven't update the blog for awhile but I was away from the Rescue. If you remember, I was born with wry nose that made my nose crooked. The biggest problem was that I couldn't breathe very well. And, humid Missouri summers was making breathing harder. MFMN had fundraisers and asked for donations from people on Facebook. People were amazingly generous and helped to fund getting my nosed straightened some and make breathing easier. I went to the University of Missouri Veterinary Health Center in Columbia. It was a scary surgery. They straightened my nose and put a plate and screws in to keep it in place. I didn't get home for about a month and then had to be on stall rest for two weeks. The plate and screws came out (that was gross) and now I'm feeling pretty good. I have one more week of rest before I can go and be a horse. Thanks to everyone who helped me be able to breathe better. I can't wait to go out and run!

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