Volunteer Spotlight

Donna Ogle

Donna Ogle has been devoting her time, energy and talents to Missouri Forget-Me-Not Horse Rescue, since it was founded in 2011 by Connie Hendrix.  Donna was instrumental in establishing MFMN as a 501(c)3 organization.  She works with her husband, Mike, as a loan processor for USA Mortgage.  Donna grew up on a farm, and has worked with horses all her life.  She is the Vice President of MFMN and she also keeps MFMN horses at her home (down the road from the  

Roxie Nieroda

Roxie Nieroda is a retired CPA who moved from St. Louis to the Lake in 2005.  She has always loved horses and always wanted to own a horse.  When asked how she found out about Missouri Forget-Me-Not Horse Rescue and Sanctuary, she said, “I always wanted to go to a dude ranch and spend a week riding horses every day.  So, my husband agreed to go with me to Wyoming to the Lazy L&B Ranch.  I was so excited to go, but I

Barbara VanMeter

Barbara VanMeter has been friends with Connie for over 18 years and she says that even when she first met Connie she was rescuing animals. “I always admired her selfless noble acts of kindness with animals.” Barbara has helped her friend and MFMN by volunteering at fundraising events for the past few years. This year she started volunteering at the Sanctuary two days a week to help feed and care for the horses.  She also fosters 

Ruth Sweezer

Ruth Sweezer started volunteering at MFMN in February 2016.  She is very committed to the horses at MFMN and always works hard to do whatever is needed.  I asked Ruth why she became a volunteer at MFMN.  She stated, “I retired the previous November after working as a Respiratory Therapist for almost 40 years.  I am a caregiver by nature and once I retired and had all the closets cleaned out, I knew I had to find

Mindi Sales

Mindi Sales has been volunteering at the MFMN Horse Sanctuary for nearly three years.  I asked her how she learned about the Sanctuary. “I found out about MFMN when I saw one of their donation containers at a local gas station and I called Connie.  I owned a horse growing up, and I went to horse camp in Iowa every summer. I have always loved horses.  So to be able to 

Chris Houghton

Chris Houghton has been volunteering at the Horse Sanctuary for over three years.  I asked him how he found out about the Sanctuary.  “There was an article in Vacation News Magazine about the ranch and an upcoming open house at the ranch.  I thought I would check it out, and while I was there I found that they needed some help. Since I enjoyed being around the horses, I decided to volunteer.  I started volunteering the next week, and I have been there ever since.”

Kendra and John Tuck

Kendra and John Tuck are from Shawnee, Kansas and they were part-time residents of Sunrise Beach, until 2016 when they built a house in Linn Creek, near the Sanctuary.  John still commutes to Kansas City, where he teaches computer programming, while they are in the process of selling their house there.  It seems that Kendra spends most of her time volunteering at the Sanctuary.  John also volunteers when he is home here at the Lake. 

Jessica Cross

My love of horses started when I was very young.  One of my friends started taking riding lessons when we were probably 8 years old and naturally I wanted to start riding as well.  I quickly fell in love with riding and as I got older, I started getting more advanced with my riding.  By about 9 or 10 years old, I began jumping and riding in some small shows.  

I always dreamed of owning my own horse, but we

Cheryll McGuire

Cheryl McGuire is one of our many volunteers who has been devoted to helping the horse sanctuary and caring for the horses.  I asked Cheryl why she became a volunteer. 

“In February 2012 a friend of mine saw an article in the local paper that invited anyone to come to the Rescue on Saturday and assist with any chores or horse

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Missouri Forget-Me-Not Horse Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible. 

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